ALPINESTARS Supertech R10 Helmet Element Carbon/Silver/Black Medium 82003241368M

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Outer Shell. Utilizes molding technology with a multi-composite combination featuring a 3K high-density carbon outer layer, a uni-directional carbon composite layer, an aramid fiber layer, and a fiberglass one. 3K high density carbon outer layer provides strength and efficiency of energy dissipation over the shell. Layered composite combination created by bonding everything together with an epoxy resin already applied on the pre-preg fiber, perfectly controls the ideal proportion of resin versus fiber to maximize strength, mechanical performance, and lightweight— providing improved energy management, as well as limited outer shell deflection, making the energy spread wider and better absorbed by the EPS liner. Inner Shell. Eight-piece multi-density EPS liner with six specific densities that are strategically positioned in different zones to ensure excellent energy absorption from impact forces dissipated over the outer shell, as well as a close and comfortable fit. Four inner shells— construction is optimized to ensure riders have the correct fit, which not only improves comfort and reduces overall weight, but most importantly, improves the effectiveness of the helmet in an impact. Linear and oblique force management — The EPS inner surface is smooth, creating an optimized, low friction area, for superior oblique impact management. To help fight and mitigate rotational, oblique, and linear impact forces, the inner surface of the EPS liner was designed with a low friction surface— polished to be smooth and specially coated to reduce friction even further, allowing the comfort liner to move against the EPS thus allowing the rider's head to move independently inside of the helmet, or vice-versa, which can significantly reduce the amount of force transmitted to the head, neck, brain, and spine from an oblique impact, while simultaneously reducing the possibility of a concussion. A-Head Fitment System — Allows the helmet to be tuned exactly to the rider's preference by having the ability to adjust both the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head. The EPS is fitted with the A-Head Fitment System that allows for a specific setup that can be adapted to how deep the rider's head sits in the helmet, as well as how far forward or backward the helmet is tilted. Aerodynamics. Developed with CFD simulations, validated in the wind tunnel and on the track, the Supertech R10 helmet is optimized for low drag performance and aerodynamic stability. Comes with two separate aerodynamic spoilers —a standard and a longer, race version— and they're both fitted with elastic joints that help the spoiler detach from the helmet shell if it is subjected to a significant impact, no matter the angle, to reduce potential rotational energy. Lateral winglets to further support the Supertech R10's stability and improve aerodynamic drag. Visor has turbulators to improve aero-acoustic performance. Ventilation. Contains 11 ventilation points, not including the eye port, with 7 intakes including 3 in the chin guard and 4 on the top of the helmet, plus 4 exhausts, with 2 lateral ports on the chin bar, and 2 on the top rear of the helmet. Ventilation ports integrate directly with the helmet's shell with a series of air ducts through the inner EPS liner. Airflow comes in through the ports, as well as actively circulates over and around the rider's head through a series of channels and then gets extracted out the back of the helmet. Top vent features a large central slider which channels air down to the top of the head for better comfort, which, when open, has vents for hot air extraction from the rider's forehead. Under the rear spoiler there are two extractor vents for effective hot air exhausting. Chin vents are formed by two openings located at the front of the helmet at the sides of the shield lock mechanism, where each flap has a tab in the corner, which is used to open or close the vent— Air entering from this point is channeled towards the inner side of the shields, creating a laminated flow of air that effectively prevents fogging and misting. Chin bar vents are used to extract humid air to the outside of the helmet. Shield Features. Shield mechanism fitted with metal lock components to prevent unwanted shield detachment during impacts, locked in the closed position by a front metal lock. Visor can be easily changed or removed thanks to its secure and tool-less quick-release system. The visor has two features including a metal locking mechanism lever to prevent unwanted shield detachment during impacts and/or crashes, plus a lowered side line for a maximized field of view, coming on top of an already wide eye port providing 220° of lateral and 57° of vertical visibility for great riding comfort. Fitted with an Optical Class 1 shield, 3 mm in thickness, and coated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment— shield equipped with internal pins to accommodate Pinlock® lens and tear-offs. Removable Lining. Linings are removable and washable, and feature fabrics with anti-microbial treatments. Crown pad and neck pad are elastically connected with a construction based on four panels (front, sides, and rear), for an optimized fit with the proper foam thickness. Cheek pads fitted with foam and fabrics, offering comfort and breathability— cheek pads also feature an emergency extraction system, allowing the side cheek padding to be easily removed by trackside support and medical staff, and they also have a channel for the installation of a hydration system. Chin Bar Profile. Base area sculpted to give a relief section— the bottom profile is raised to clear the collarbone