ARAI HELMETS XD-5 Helmet Fluorescent Yellow XL 01400304

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  • Type Helmet
  • SKU 01400304
  • Size XL
  • Style Street
The forehead area of the shell is reinforced by a super fiber belt which is similar to the way in which bands strengthen a barrel. PB-cLc² shell is assembled using an assortment of materials. VAS-A shield system lowered to further improve 'glancing off' ability. Peak. Designed for more effective ventilation, increased high speed flow-through performance, greater range of adjustability for blocking the sun, and is more resistant to buffeting, all of which leads to an overall more comfortable riding experience. VAS-A Shield System. Allows for easier and faster shield swaps. The shield can be attached or removed without the need for any tools. The peak utilizes only one screw on each side for removal/installation. Mouth Shutter. Allows for more fresh air without the need for the mesh vents as seen on predecessors. Inner Shutter. Working in conjunction with the mouth shutter, the inner shutter allows you to adjust the mount of airflow entering the helmet. If the inner and outer shutters are both open, the air will be directed towards your mouth. If the outer shutter is open and the inner closed, the air will be directed towards the shield and help to reduce fogging. Front Logo Duct. Allows for airflow that is unaffected by the rider's position. Allows for holes in the forehead area for this vent without compromising the helmet's ability to protect. VAS-A Max-Vision Shield. Preserves the wide field-fo-view and high level of visibility expected of an XD model. The optional Pinlock® insert for this model has advanced to be effective at resisting fogging, even in extreme conditions, across the entire field of view. AR Spoiler. Set in a position that makes it ideal for adventure riding, the AR spoiler contributes to reducing fatigue from turbulent air throughout long rides, and works to draw out hot air from the crown area. Odor-Resistant Interior. Has the same level of acidity as bare skin and has odor-resistant and stain-resistant properties. The head-liner is equipped with a removable foam layer on both the left and right sides, allowing you to remove 5 mm of foam from each side if desired for micro-fitting. Air Flap. The retractable pull-down spoiler reduces wind intrusion into the bottom of the helmet and helps to pull out hot and humid exhaled air around the sculpted leading edges of the cheek pads. This coordinated ventilation combined with fresh intake from the chin vent, also helps to reduce shield fogging. Device Compatibility. The Hyper-Ridge® has been re-sculpted to provide a flat surface on the sides to allow for the easy installation of a wide range of communication devices. This increases bonding surface between the device and the helmet, and helps to reduce buffeting or possible slip-offs. Speaker Pocket. Speakers can be installed directly to the provided hook and loop panel without the need to remove the cheek pad covers. Both ear pockets are deep and wide, designed to accommodate even the thickest speakers with plenty of room to position them to increase comfort. A pocket to tuck away excess wiring and connectors as well as holes to easily run wires from side to side, have been incorporated into the neck roll to prevent wires coming loose while putting on or taking off the helmet. Provides a smart way to tackle cable management inside your helmet