ITP Tire Holeshot HD Front 22x7-10 6 Ply 532011

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Product details

  • Type Tire
  • Vendor ITP
  • SKU 03210057
  • Tube Type Tubeless
  • Rim Diameter 10"
  • Width 7"
  • Style ATV

At Andrews Harley we provide the lowest cost for tires available on the market!

Stepped shoulder knob design offers an additional degree of side bite and rut control. Wider than other trail riding and racing tires to help climb out and stay out of ruts. Re-engineered to handle the most extreme trail conditions possible. Surprisingly light with unmatched puncture resistance. Tough 6-ply rating makes it extremely durable. Not certified for use on public roads (NHS). Xtreme duty ATV tire. Tubeless (TL)