Kesstech 2021-2023 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special Complete systems adjustable

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  • Type Exhaust
  • Vendor Kesstech
  • SKU 221-5941-792B

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ESE - 2in1 | Cone X | Clubstyle - Matt black

Cone Long - Bronze

Harley-Davidson EU TOURING Road Glide Special
ME114 2021-2023
EC type-approval

- Not mountable with Bagger cases.

- KessTech exhaust systems are always developed, constructed, designed and homologated to the delivery condition of the original vehicle. KessTech cannot evaluate whether the installation of further accessory parts together with a KessTech exhaust system is possible and still legal and therefore assumes no warranty or liability. Our Technical Support will be happy to answer any question. - KESS-Line: The warranty period is four years and includes all parts of the exhaust system. (adjusters, electronics, coating, etc.). In order to receive the full warranty period, the installation must be carried out by a specialist dealer authorized by us. If this is not the case, only the statutory warranty applies. Modifications to the vehicle which cause damage to the components, coating, etc. will invalidate the guarantee and warranty. Pro-Line: In order to receive the full warranty period of eight years after receipt of the system, it is necessary to register at within 8 weeks of receiving the KESSTECH exhaust system. If registration does not take place within the first 8 weeks after delivery, the standard warranty period of 4 years applies. Furthermore, the same conditions of the KESS-Line apply.