"J-M Basquiat" for Art Basel

Henne Co, renowned for crafting bespoke motorcycles, embarked on a remarkable project upon receiving a unique request: to pay homage to the legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat using a 2020 Street Glide Special as their canvas. The goal? To unveil this transformed motorcycle at Art Basel, the prestigious art event held annually in Miami.

Collaborating closely with local artists, Henne Co meticulously recreated Basquiat's iconic artworks onto the sleek surface of the Harley-Davidson. Each piece celebrates Basquiat's legacy with a distinct flair, blending the rebellious spirit of his art with the raw power and craftsmanship of the motorcycle.

From the vibrant colors to the intricate detailing, every aspect of the design reflects Basquiat's visionary style and artistic expression. This fusion of art and engineering transforms the Street Glide Special into a rolling masterpiece, poised to captivate art enthusiasts and motorcycle aficionados alike at Art Basel.

Henne Co's dedication to pushing boundaries and creating one-of-a-kind vehicles has culminated in a stunning tribute to Basquiat, showcasing how art can transcend traditional mediums and inspire innovation in unexpected ways. As the motorcycle takes its place among the exhibits at Art Basel, it not only honors Basquiat's enduring influence but also elevates the intersection of art, culture, and motorcycling to new heights.

Street Glide equipped with:
- Full air ride
- Central Stand
- Kesstech Exhaust with Adjustable Sound System
- Arlen Ness Air Intake, Levers and Mirrors
- Custom milled wheels by BOX39
- Front and Rear Galfer Rotors
- Baja Designs headlight with running lights
and more.